openSPDM R3

We have now completed porting and packaging openSPDMfor release 2023 of Aras Innovator, this is the 14 platform. Release 2023 of Innovator can be downloaded from the Aras website without a licence committment for Proofs of Concept of Simulation Data Management (SDM) and also of Model-Based Systems Engineering(MBSE) using the System Architecture module and of system simulation. openSPDM R3 should run on any Innovator version after 23 with the SM object model installed.

openSPDM R3 has a neutral connector framework which enables interactive simulation applications to be plugged in rapidly, days to weeks, rather than months to years with legacy integration approaches. We’ve built several connectors to popular Computer Aided Engineering applications through collaboration with accademia and leading industrial companies. These include Hyperworks, Abaqus CAE, Coreform Cubit and LS-DYNA. These enable you to manage your data, launch applications while loading data from the platform and save your work back to the platform. This is the essential condition to move to a digital platform from the file system. There are videos of the four connectors on the Videos and Deonstrations tab.

I am working on documentation and will post a video and presentation sumarising all the functions shortly. This software will be distributed to organisations joining the openSPDM consortium under the GPL3 open-source licence.

Please get in touch if you are interested to evaluate and enhance an open-source SPDM solution.

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