openSPDM R2

we have been so busy developing new capabilities in openSPDM that we have not had time to update the website.
With openSPDM R1 we built Cerber for Safran Aircraft Engines, Conception et Etudes de Roulements a Bille Et a Rouleau – Design and Analysis of Ball and Roller Bearings. There is a presentation from Safran on the NAFEMS website and on website.
openSPDM R2 adopted the object datamodel from Aras for their Simulation Management module: Study- Artifact – Simulation Task. this was first deployed for simulation of Nuclear Fusion Reactors at the UKAEA and described in the presentation on this site under the videos tab.
openSPDM R2 was then extended for a Proof of Value at Valeo which was reported at the NAFEMS french regional conference in 2022.
I will be posting detailed descriptions of functionality and demos shortly.

The website for the openSPDM initiative

Welcome to openSPDM! This is the initiative to develop an open source SDM solution for simulation engineers worldwide.

Simulation Data Management is an established technology that enables Analysts, Simulation Engineers to manage complete simulation data sets including Process data. This is why SDM is often called SPDM.

Today, openSPDM is a reality. We’ve completed the first proof of concept at an industrial organisation and will shortly be posting video demos and detailed information.

Please get in touch if an open SDPM solution is of interest to your organisation.

Happy New Year